Revived house
«Tolstoy House (The Dragon House)»
This old log house was carefully restored and equipped in 2007 within the framework of the Hidden Russia project. The attention of passers-by is attracted by the openwork gutters and spectacular platbands in which stylised dragons guarding the house hide.

The Tolstoy House is located opposite the Levitan House Museum, on the corner of the Volga River embankment and Nikolskaya Street. It once belonged to Afanasy Alekseevich Cherepenin (1899-1970), a captain of the Middle-Volga Shipping Company. 

This old log house under a hip roof (four-pitched with a horizontal ridge) was carefully restored and eqipped within the framework of the Hidden Russia project in 2007.

Attention is attracted by the openwork gutters made of sifted tin and spectacular platbands in the technique of saw-carving, in the upper part of which stylised dragons guarding the house are hidden (a characteristic Upper Volga pattern). Because of this the Tolstoy House is also known as the Dragon House. 

The house has a garden with apple, cherry and currant trees. On one side the garden borders with an old barn.

The long list of famous guests of the house includes Tatiana Tolstaya, Vladimir Mashkov, Danila Kozlovsky, Leonid Desyatnikov, Vyacheslav Zaitsev, Alexei Kudrin.

You can stay overnight in this house!

Tolstoy House on the corner of Embankment and Nikolskaya Street
Tolstoy House before restoration (1950s)
Tolstoy House in golden autumn
The Prince and Princess of Kent in front of the Tolstoy House.
Vladimir Mashkov in front of the Tolstoy House
Samovar, garden, old barn

Tolstoy House (The Dragon House) on the map

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Hidden Russia

Plios revitalisation project

In Plios we have defined and implemented a strategy of reanimation and development of an ancient small town. We preserve historical buildings, fill them with new life and create a high-level hospitality infrastructure. At the same time we are engaged in preserving and developing the intangible cultural heritage: local cuisine, traditions, knowledge.
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Hidden Russia

This old Russian town is associated with clean air, incredibly beautiful nature and rustic silence. It is no coincidence that Plios has long been a centre of attraction for creative and outstanding people.
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